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The Block Grand Finale was watched by over 2 million viewers last night and included a first for the show, a VR experience for the contestants. Scann3d is a Melbourne based 3D tour specialist partnered with Matterport, a 3D hardware provider, who came together to create an experience where each apartment on The Block was scanned into the system. Scotty Cam asked each contestant to use Samsung Gear VR Headsets to search their apartments and locate Dan (The Block foreman) who was located randomly throughout each apartment from the lounge room, bathroom, cupboard and balcony.

Last year, Scann3d was lucky enough to create a 3D tour of the winning apartment, Darren and Dee’s. This year, Scann3d has worked very closely with The Block, Channel Nine, Jellis Craig, Hockingstuart, Biggin & Scott and RT Edgar to create 3D tours of each couple’s apartment.

Scann3d and Matterport worked to the wire to deliver the perfect VR experience of each couple’s apartment (completed at 4am that morning). Not everyone has the chance to walk through the apartments in person and now they’re sold you never will, not physically anyway. 

Scann3d have now made the contestant apartments available for viewing on Scann3d’s website with the three highly viewed apartments currently being Shay and Dean with over 3,700 views, Ebony and Luke over 2,500 and Caro and Kingi with over 1,500. Expect these numbers to grow rapidly and with this level of attention on the technology, the real estate game just changed. People will come to expect virtual tours of prospective homes, wether its for purchase or rental and technologies like Scann3d will be critical in making that a reality.

Scann3d say they are building a national network that services the Australian real estate industry by providing 3D tours, floor plans, analytics and much more to property listings.




Click on the links below to access the virtual experiences from each level of the block.

Kingi and Caro Apartment

Whitney and Andy Apartment

Suzi and Voni Apartment

Luke and Ebony Apartment

Dean and Shay Apartment (Winners – congrats guys)

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