Vodafone launching 20GB pm mobile plan


    This week something new is coming for hungry mobile users in Australia. As we all cry out for larger data caps, Vodafone is attempting to lead the way at the top end. From Wednesday 9th September, Vodafone will offer a new $130pm Red plan that buys you 15GB of data per month. As a launch special for those who sign up before the 3rd of November, you can get that upgraded to $20GB pm month.

    For the average mobile user who spends $60-70pm on their mobile and gets 2-3GB, this is way out of reach, but having the larger end of town come down in price and up in value, then there’s some hope for mid and low-level plans will also receive much needed data cap growth.

    As we find new and interesting uses for our mobile devices, they continue to eat data faster than a passenger in the hyperloop, but even with current usage, video quality is going up, app sizes are exploding and even checking Facebook and Email is burning GB instead of MB.

    At $130pm, you’d have to be a serious mobile user and its most likely going to be those people using 4G mobile dongles or tethering for PC use, rather than just mobile use that burns through up to 20GB of data.

    Other features of the new $130 plan are:

    *       A brand new premium smartphone (device cost may be additional)
    *       15GB of data (upgraded to 20GB if you sign-up before 3 November, 2015) for use in Aus.
    *       Unlimited standard national calls and TXT for use in Aus.
    *       Unlimited standard international calls to 10 selected destinations for use in Aus.
    *       Access to the company’s award-winning $5 Roaming and a complimentary 12-month subscription to Spotify Premium, Stan or The or

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 4G mobile data usage has doubled year-on-year and there are now 2.9 million 4G capable devices operating on the Vodafone network.

    If for some crazy reason you blow through 20GB of data in the month, extra data is added automatically at $10/GB.

    Visit for full details.

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