Volvo FE Electric garbage trucks in use in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

    Volvo Trucks Australia and key waste management contractor, JJ’s Waste and Recycling have joined forces to trial the Volvo FE Electric in waste applications. 

    Affectionately dubbed “Oscar” by VGA staff, the 6×2 FE Electric featured on the Volvo Group Australia stand at the 2023 Brisbane Truck  Show. The truck has been fitted with a rear loading; 16 cubic metre waste body ideally suited for urban operations.  

    The three-month trial will take place on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and will provide insights into the impact of electric PTO use on range and productivity.  

    Utilising four Gen 2 batteries with a capacity of 265KWh the dual motor FE Electric has a potential range of up to 220 kilometres. 

    The electromobility and waste management really do go hand in hand. The stop start nature of this application in densely populated urban areas should prove  to be a promising zero emissions solution for our cities.

    I look forward to seeing the results of this trial which will prove  invaluable as we continue on our decarbonization journey.

    Recent developments in battery technology, which will flow down to  Volvo’s medium-duty electric range have seen significant increases in  both range and charging performance which will only add to the  attractiveness of electric vehicles in waste applications.

    Gary Bone, Vice President Volvo Trucks Australia

    With the rear loading waste body, the FE Electric has a potential payload of up to 7 tons depending on body positioning and the corresponding front axle load.  

    Joe Branagan, Operations Manager, JJ’s Waste and Recycling also shared his enthusiasm for the trial.

    This is the perfect opportunity for us  to understand how we can decarbonise our fleet over time. 

    Clearly we can’t just switch to electric overnight so partnerships like  the one we have with Volvo Trucks are vital to see what applications we  can put electric trucks to work in now as well as what the future of zero  emissions waste management could look like.

    I will be watching the outcome of this exercise with great interest!

    Joe Branagan, Operations Manager, JJ’s Waste and Recycling
    Jason Cartwright
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