Wait to see all Windows 8 hardware before you decide

Windows 8 hardware

LG have are the latest in a growing list of hardware manufacturers to announce Windows 8 hardware. While some of you have already popped on a Surface RT, there’s a lot of new hardware on the way. Gone are the days of dull beige boxes being the boring smart bits under your desk, hardware innovation is on fire.

Touchscreen ultrabooks, convertibles, all-in-ones, sliders and dual-screens to name a just a few options on the table. As we get closer to the launch, there will be a flood of announcements from likes of Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony and many, many more.

So while you may be tempted to jump at the first one to take your fancy, it may not be the one you want to take home and marry. My advice is to wait till all hardware is announced, then make your selection based on knowing all the amazing new options, not the first.

While tablets are all the rage right now, those of us who engage in serious productivity understand that most tasks still require a real keyboard and likely a decent resolution and screen size more than 10”. Expect touchscreen Ultrabooks to be a serious growth category over the next couple of years.

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