Watch a day at Taronga Zoo through Google Glass


Google Glass isn’t out in Australia yet, but those lucky bastards at Taronga Zoo, Sydney were able to try it out. They put together a video of their experience using it for a day where they got up close and personal with the animals. One of the great advantages of Google Glass is its ability to record hands-free for which the staff definitely put to good use.

We had the opportunity to try out Google Glass this week, and our keepers were curious to see if it would help them in caring for the animals. It also gave the rest of us the chance to see the animals through the eyes of the keepers, as they went behind-the-scenes to work with the koalas, eagles, giraffe and a sooty owl. #GoogleGlass


There’s no word on exactly how the zookeepers got their hands-on Google Glass, but we do know there is one company in QLD that has a pair. Could this be the first pair provided by Google Australia ahead of a local release, for now, we can only hope.

Check out the video below from Taronga Zoo.

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