Watch Tesla live stream the launch of the Model X, a fully EV SUV


Tesla are about to launch their third vehicle, the Model X. This will bring many firsts to the SUV market and do something many said wasn’t possible, a fully electric SUV. CEO and founder Elon Musk will be on stage for the launch of the vehicle, something that was announced back in February 2013. In just 3 years, they’ve got production ready and will start shipping vehicles this year.

One of the most hyped and noticeable features will be those unique gull wing (or falcon) doors that articulate to allow passengers to enter and exit the vehicle from two rows of seating. The design means they actually take less distance between the car and adjacent vehicles in the parking lot.

Earlier this year, the Model X pre-production version was on display at CES in Las Vegas. It was on-stage at the Panasonic booth thanks to their part in the batteries that lay in the floor of the vehicle. With the car ready to ship, there’s still some big questions we have about today’s event.. that namely the distance (how much the extra weight costs in terms of range) and the Australian price.

Tesla is live streaming the event on their website and you can watch the show at from 1PM AEST or 8PM PT.

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