Watch the driving games scramble to include the Lamborghini Veneno

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Lamborghini have just outed a brand new showcase vehicle, the futuristic Lamborghini Veneno. The design is outrageous, insane, ridiculous and simply amazing. The builds on the already elaborate Aventador, but takes carbon fibre aerodynamics to a whole new level.

Believe it or not, this is supposed to be ‘street legal’, while I’m not sure many laws around the globe would agree with that definition. Overall it doesn’t matter, it’s elite and almost everyone on the planet will never see it, let alone drive it.

There is of course one great way to see a spectacular car like this in action and that’s in-game. For years driving titles have fought for the best lineup of vehicles to sway racing fans to choose their game. Make no mistake, gaming companies will be tripping over themselves to licence this beast for their upcoming titles.

This won’t be the first time Lamborghini will have allowed early / pre-release vehicles to be measured up for 3D replication, the Revention arrived in a number of titles including Need For Speed. For the longest time the Bugatti Veyron held the crown of the most desired vehicle in a game, but I suspect that just changed with the Veneno.


More info and an awesome gallery at Autocar.

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