Watch the Sky Muster NBN Satellite launch, a $1.2 Billion project


Overnight the NBN had a successfully launch one their Sky Muster Satellite to bring improve the internet speeds of hundreds of thousands of remote Australians. This rocket launched one of the world’s most advanced communication satellites from Guiana Space Centre in South America.

The inclusion of the Satellite coverage as part of the NBN was conceived by Labor and despite the Coalition now driving the project, the Satellite objective hasn’t changed. It’s simply not financially viable to connect seriously remote customers using FTTP, HFC, FTTN or even Fixed Wireless, so the best connection possible with be from upgraded Australia’s national broadband network, delivering the technology for all Australians to realise their dreams and discover new possibilities in a connected world.


The Ariane5 rocket was propelled into space thanks to 1300 tonnes of thrust from 31 metre tall boosters. When the boosters have done their job, the rocket is propelled at 1.6km/s or faster than a bullet. In just over 2 minutes, the rocket has already moved 130km away from earth.

The separation of the boosters from the satellite went perfectly overall the launch was a massive success. It’ll be some time before the first paying customers access internet from Sky Muster (middle of 2016), but for those remote customers who struggle with poor internet speeds, that day can’t come soon enough.

Chairman of NBN, Zigmunt ‘Ziggy’ Switkowsky spoke at the launch event on Australia’s behalf. He says ‘launching satellites is never without risk and a successful launch is a huge relief.’ He says this is the culmination of 5 years of hard work and 10 ground stations for the satellite project.

The total cost to Australia is around $1.2 Billion.


If you weren’t watching live, then don’t stress, the launch was recorded and is available to watch at your leisure.

More information at NBN.

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