We might not have the Zune, but we can use the software


    Whilst Australians and frankly everyone outside the US, is still waiting to get the Zune, in the mean time, there is something you should check out. The Zune software is actually quite impressive, the latest version, out today is v4.0.

    Something you’ll notice on the download site, the Zune software is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions (64-bit only supported in Win7 and Vista). This is especially important when you’ve got large media libraries. You can configure these library locations in the settings screen.

    The Zune Software has many distinct interfaces, all built into one application. There’s the Quickplay screen which gives you easy access to new or recent items.


    Then there’s your Collection screen. This is where you navigate through your entire library or music, videos, pictures and podcasts. Second-level controls allow you to filter and sort your content, even large libraries, very quickly.



    Whilst Media Centre is available and I’d still recommend that as your first option, the Zune Software does offer another alternative to sharing your content to the Xbox 360.



    A massive improvement on the Windows Media Player interface, when music is playing, you’ll see a collage of your cover art.

    ZuneHD ZuneHD

    Unfortunately the Social page and features are ‘unavailable in your location’.

    So my advice, take a look at the new Zune Software, who knows.. one day we may actually use it sync to a flashy new Zune HD.

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