What is a text messaging app and how can it help your business?

    If you’re looking for a creative way to market your business, then you might consider using an SMS app. As it becomes increasingly harder to garner attention for new business, taking a different approach could pay dividends.

    Leveraging text messages on mobile platforms could produce better results than other, legacy marketing techniques, so let’s take a look at the ins-and-outs of using a text messaging app, selecting the right one and what it can do for your business.

    What is a Text Messaging App?

    A time existed when people used their mobile phones to call other people. Those days allowed individuals to contact other people without being tied to certain limitations from using landline telephones.

    Technology continued to evolve to bring people to text messaging in order to communicate with other individuals. Cellphone users sent messages in SMS forms to convey thoughts without the need to disturb recipients. Still, technology didn’t stop there as smartphones came into the scene.

    Today, smartphone owners use text messaging apps to communicate with other individuals using SMS. But, extra features now exist, such as sending pictures, emojis, and files through text messages.

    Also, everyday consumers aren’t the only users who can take advantage of today’s text messaging features. Businesses can use SMS apps for marketing their products and services.

    Aside from traditional messaging apps, companies also use mass text messaging for extra benefits. A mass text messaging app has additional features that are not in a traditional text application, such as:

    • Shortcodes
    • Message templates
    • Voice and text message integration
    • Polls
    • Analytics and reports

    Different mass text apps offer various features to organizations. It might be a crucial step to take your time in selecting the right application for your marketing needs. Always look into the value presented to you from using the program.

    How can a Text Messaging App help your business?

    SMS marketing offers you several possible benefits. These advantages help your business prosper in more ways than one. The results you obtain assist in the growth of your company. Consider using the right texting app even when your business is still relatively new in the industry.

    Now, here are the benefits you can gain from using the right text messaging app:

    High open rates

    Sending marketing materials to targeted audiences poses potential risks. One of these threats is when your target market doesn’t open your message. For example, sending an email containing a newsletter about your new product may not be opened by your recipient successfully. First, the email service might have high-security measures that flag several emails as spam. Also, the recipient may delete the email immediately upon first sight.

    Conversely, SMS marketing with the right text app might prove to give you better open rates than other marketing methods. Many individuals have their senses wired to open texts as soon as they receive notifications on their mobile devices.

    The receiver’s messaging app also requires them to open the text first before they can delete it. So, you can achieve a higher open rate than other marketing channels, like emails.

    Eliminates intrusions

    Specific marketing techniques require the undivided attention of your target audience. For example, cold calling cuts the attention of the receiver from whatever task they’re currently doing. Consequently, knocking on doors may convey the same effect to homeowners. Another example is giving flyers to strangers as the individuals need to spend their time to listen to you.

    Conversely, sending text messages drops a text to their device’s inbox. So, the recipient can read the material any time they desire. Also, it eliminates the need to intrude upon the busy lives of your target audiences.

    Hence, you may gain a better reply from your leads and potential customers during follow-ups. Otherwise, you might be talking at an irate prospect because you or your representative called at the wrong time.

    As a bonus, most SMS campaigns deliver messages that are straight to the point. Other marketing techniques, like posting videos, may provide long-winded explanations about products and services. Instead, sending texts won’t let your business leads to waste precious time in reading your messages.

    Many text messages will only have 160 characters or less. Use this allotment to keep your messages as short and precise as possible.

    Integration with Other Marketing Techniques

    Bulk SMS marketing doesn’t require you to spend a lot of your time. Specific text messaging apps allow you to save templates to send to particular groups. Sending these texts may be as easy as pushing one button. The entire procedure takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

    It’s with that convenience that allows mass text advertising to integrate easily with other marketing methods.

    For example, your business’ primary method to contact potential leads is by telemarketing. Your skilled representatives can gather interests from target markets through cold calling with a predictive dialer. During the call, your agents may ask the lead for permission to send promotional text messages.

    Once the lead decides to opt-in to the text service, your business may now use a reliable text app to send advertising materials to them.

    Another way to integrate text messages is when your company is using social media to draw in potential customers. First, prospects can sign-up for promotion by filling out fields on your social media or eCommerce page. Then, you can send advertising texts to these possible customers using reliable text apps.

    Check the following video for more information about starting a marketing campaign.

    Use Short Codes

    A shortcode is a distinct telephone number that might be shorter than the standard phone number. For example, a company selling flowers might have a shortcode of 356931. If you haven’t noticed, you can find the letters F-L-O-W-E-R on the number pad of a dialer using those numbers.

    Use text apps that allow your business to take advantage of shortcodes. Apply these codes to help your organization gain extra benefits. For example, the right shortcode allows your firm to be memorable in the minds of your markets. Also, it might be easier to remember than using full-length phone numbers.

    Manage Individual Customers Through Different Portals

    Your business may not need to use another messaging app to manage the replies gathered from your bulk SMS campaign. Use a single mass text app that helps you manage responses from individuals despite sending messages to groups.

    Noteworthy text apps provide your representatives with different portals to manage your campaigns. For instance, you might access your SMS campaign from a website. Otherwise, the mass text service has an app you can use.

    Your accounts can sync with each other so you can use either the web or mobile portal to access your campaign. This way, you don’t have to worry if you think you can’t send the messages at a determined time simply because you currently don’t have a phone.

    Also, using a bulk SMS app allows your business to reply to individual queries instead of being a “one-trick pony.” Personal replies allow your agents to answer specific questions of unique leads. Responses from human employees might be a better choice than depending on bots. Many people like businesses that are more “human” as opposed to letting your potential clients talk to robots.

    Send Messages at the Right Time

    Specific messaging software allows your organization to send texts at the right time. One way to achieve that objective is to stare at a clock before you hit the “Send” button at the most opportune moment. Conversely, you can let the program do the sending for you.

    Aim to use an SMS application that allows you or your employees to schedule messages. Hence, you don’t have to set the alarm every time you need to send marketing materials to targeted audiences.

    This feature also allows you to start text messaging your leads and existing customers with minimal risk of forgetting to do the task. Remember, failure to send marketing materials to targeted markets might mean you’re handing the leads to competitors.

    Don’t waste valuable opportunities because of neglect. Search and use the right text messaging app today to avoid this issue from happening.

    Send More Than Text Messages

    Aim to use messaging apps that help you send more than blocks of texts. Specific SMS apps also allow you to personalize your text messages using static and animated pictures.

    Create a dynamic and engaging experience by sending messages that captivate the interests of your target audiences. For example, your message may contain an infographic telling people why they should buy your products or services. Conversely, you might add animated GIFs to help entertain specific audiences. These animated images help potential customers see that your organization isn’t a “black and white” firm. 


    Start your SMS marketing ventures with the right text messaging app. Use the information mentioned above to help you look for the best bulk SMS application for your organization.

    But, don’t forget to use the essential principles of proper marketing. It still needs business finesse and skill to help your company grow.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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