What’s coming in WordPress 3.0.. ads multi-blog support

    WordPress 3.0

    If you’ve ever wanted to operate and manage multiple blogs from a single WordPress install, there’s always been the option of running WordPress MU. Unfortunately by the time you realise you need it, you’re already many months into running your standard single instance blog.

    Why would you need to run multiple blogs ? Well perhaps you run multiple sub-properties from the major overall hub. In some scenarios you may want these to be branded or themed differently. Imagine a company that produces mac and pc software for instance. Or perhaps your blog theme isn’t conducive to the photo gallery section of your site.

    Good news.. As outlined in a new post from Mitchell McKenna, titled ‘What’s Coming in WordPress 3.0’ he explains that WordPress and WordPress MU are in fact merging. This means from a single install you can operate and manage multiple blogs from one central location. We can assume that the upgrade process allows for this to happen seamlessly.

    Also included in the list of new features is the addition of better menus via custom Woo Themes Navigation included in the core release.

    WordPress 3.0 features

    There’s also a brand new default theme, which frankly was over due for an update.

    WordPress 3.0 features 

    More information about all the new features @

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