Will you watch Apple’s iPhone XS announcement on Twitter?

For the first time, Apple’s biggest annual event, the iPhone announcement event will be live streamed on Twitter. 

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus tonight (3AM Australian time). While the iPhone X introduced the world to the notch, it’s now become an entrenched industry standard, although some have managed designs that achieve a display that extends the entire front surface of the phone. 

Now the iPhone X is old news and by Android standards, feels small, something the leaks suggest will be addressed by the XS and XS Plus (or XL). 

With storage upgrades from Apple coming at a premium, there is starting to be suggestions the largest (both in size and storage) may for the first time, breach the A$2,000 mark. If that happens, it’s an absolutely insane price for a phone, regardless of it’s features and design, it’s not worth that. 

Nobody really knows until the event what supplementary devices like EarPods 2 or Watch Series 4, but the question I want to know, is how you’ll be watching the event. 

Of course you can go direct to Apple’s website or watch #AppleEvent it on your Apple TV, but the introduction of Twitter live stream is an interesting one. 

Apple are offering a reminder to Twitter users who favourite their advertisements. I’ve been covering Apple announcements for more than a decade and for a majority of that, Twitter is the place where people reflect on the announcements and share their opinions instantly on what’s great and what’s not. I remember when an Apple event would break TweetDeck (and Chrome) as the number of Tweets per second brought the service to its knees.. to take on a streaming partner like Apple, and for Apple to accept, it shows they’re now very confident in their infrastructure.  

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