Windows 7 Service Pack 1 released to MSDN and TechNet


Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 users with a MSDN or TechNet subscription can now get Service Pack 1. Built on the same codebase, the two operating systems will both receive the SP1 update, so what’s included ?

If your doing you’re job properly, you’d be paying attention enough to understand Service Packs today are significantly different to what they used to be. One of the most famous new features introduced in XP SP2 was the introduction of a software firewall that was on by default.

Big new features like this are all but gone from service packs, today they are much more of a hotfix rollup than anything else. If you’ve been a good Windows citizen, you’ve been applying Windows updates as they are released. If your in this category, Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 will be a relatively quick and painless process. After applying the update, you won’t notice any difference.

On the business side of things, SP1 does actually add a couple of goodies. Client-side support for RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory are two new virtualization features. Microsoft are claiming up to 40% increase in number of virtual desktops supported on the same hardware.

Overall end users should update to SP1 when it reaches general availability (Feb 22nd, 2011) to ensure all your updates are installed, but make sure your expectations are setup for much of the same. Enterprises using Server 2008 R2’s Hyper-V technology should definitely build the SP1 update into their project plans.

More information on the Windows Blog.

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