Windows 8 file copy will be grouped and have pause/resume

Windows 8 File Copy

Microsoft have slowly been releasing videos about Windows 8 in the lead up to their Build conference in September. Today we got video #3 which shows off some changes in how file copying will by improved in Windows 8. Alex Simons, Director of Project Management on the Windows & Windows Live teams, takes us through how file copies and file conflicts are changing.

Multiple file copies today occur in multiple dialogs, in Windows 8, this will be unified to a single UI. Microsoft are aiming to simplify the dialog, for those looking for more info will be please with a new transfer rate meter tracking MB/s transferred. Traditionally time remaining for the copy has been horribly inaccurate, so lets hope this is part of the improvements.

An important change to file transfers in Windows 8 is the ability to pause and resume file copies. This allows you to pause a disc to network transfer so a disc to USB thumb drive copy can complete first so you can run out the door to that urgent meeting. That is of course assuming you don’t have a 500MB/s SSD + USB3.. in which case, your laughing at the thought of waiting for files to copy.

Windows 8 File Conflict dialog

Resolving file name conflicts gets a make over as well, allowing you to see an A/B comparison of files to allow you to make a more educated decision about which one to keep. Modified date, thumbnail, size details are all displayed in one UI, rather than going through right click > properties on each file and manually comparing. A welcome change.

More @ WinRumors and iStartedSomething that has a great discussion piece about Windows Explorer changes not discussed in the video.

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