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    In a media briefing this morning, Toby Bowers, Server & Tools Business Group Lead from Microsoft Australia explained how Windows Azure is performing.  Windows Azure is now a billion dollar business for Microsoft and it’s not hard to see why. Azure use is growing at 150% year on year.

    While the usage grows they need to continue to invest in the infrastructure and are currently doubling the compute power every 6 months, while also doubling the storage every 6 months. These numbers are pretty staggering given the existing size of the international network of Azure.

    There are now more than 8 Trillion objects in Azure Storage, it’s clear they are here to be counted in the hosted services and competitors like Amazon and Rackspace have some serious competition. During this morning’s briefing we also heard from companies like Canon, Cash Converters and MYOB that are all leveraging Azure.

    So now for the Australian launch. There will be local Geo-redundant Australian Azure servers located in VIC and NSW. All Azure services will be available at launch when the Australian datacenter goes online in 2014.

    A number of the case study clients of Microsoft have identified that when the servers come online, they will move either their primary or secondary server locations to Australia. This solves a couple of key issues, the first being reduced ping times as well as servicing the business requirements from some clients to house data locally.


    Earlier this year Microsoft announced they were restructuring the company as a devices and services company. Clearly they know how to do the services part, there’s some staggering numbers.

    • 40+ Million Xbox Live users in 35 markets
    • 60+ Million Active accounts at
    • 5.5+ Billion worldwide queries each month on Bing
    • 2-4 Billion emails per day via Exchange Hosted Services
    • 8 Trillion objects in Azure Storage
    • 88 Markets in 32 Languages of Office 365
    • 50+ Million Active users of Office Web Apps
    • 280+ Million connected users per month on Skype
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