Windows Live Suite, sweeping changes, due in the next 24 hours

    Many have regarded Windows Live products as the most exciting thing to happen at Microsoft in years. While products have evolved and increased in numbers over the past few years, they appeared to lack a cohesive long-term strategy.

    That’s all about to change. In the next 24 hours we’ll see a whole range of Microsoft services come together, being more consistent interoperable and ultimately result in a better user experience.

    Windows Live Home
    First of all is a new start page at, this provides a dashboard interface into you mail, social interactions, upcoming birthday etc. A key component of this will be integration with other social networks like Facebook.

    Windows Live Home

    Windows Live Photos
    Good news for those looking for online storage of that ever-growing photo collection, Windows Live Photos will now provide up to  25GB of storage. This generous free storage is shared across all Windows Live services. If your running a Silverlight-enabled browser, you will see a new UI when viewing photo galleries.

    A photo slide show on Windows Live

    This new gallery takes the dominant colours of an image and extends outside the borders of the image, resulting in a dynamic surrounding glow.This borrows from the Philips Cineos TV’s. 

    These are just a couple of examples from a long list of updates coming to Windows Live.

    Other products / services being updated include :

    – Windows Live Profile
    – Windows Live Groups
    – Windows Live Spaces
    – Windows Live Events
    – Windows Live SkyDrive

    Also due is the desktop application in the Windows Live Suite, known as Wave 3 and currently in beta. In the latest episode of Windows Weekly Paul Thurott gives strong indications the full release of Wave 3 will be released some time this week. This would match the timeline of the web services.

    More @ Windows Live team blog via The Windows Experience Blog

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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