Windows-only twitter app MetroTwit, gets even better with 1.0


Popular Windows-only twitter app MetroTwit has reached its first full release build of 1.0. Those who’ve used the preview bits (MetroTwit Loop) will be familiar with a lot of the new features. For those who stuck to official channels, this release offers the long awaited multiple account support.

Most of us have multiple identities on twitter and this feature alone was keeping some users away. The implementation means that you switch context between accounts using the profiles in the left pane, rather than have columns from mixed accounts like TweetDeck.

For A$14.95 you can upgrade to MetroTwit Plus and ditch the ads.

Those of you who have moved to Windows 8 Consumer Preview will notice a notification at the top of the app after install of 1.0. This explains that there are some issues in running the app on Windows 8 CP. Its understood this issue stems from an bug in .NET 4.5 which requires a fix from Microsoft to resolve.

The app works well most of the time, however when posting new tweets, it will often fail to post. Try again and the post goes up. This can be frustrating if you have a moment of inspiration, switch to the app, attempt to post, hit enter and switch away. While you think the update worked, you’ll switch back later to find that hours have gone by and that time-sensitive post didn’t go out.

Overall MetroTwit is a great app and now with multiple account support can compete against the entrenched TweetDeck. If you haven’t already, give it a try at

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