Windows Phone 7 Podcast interface

    Been wondering how your Favourite podcast might look on Windows Phone 7 ? While it’s certainly not complete here’s how the current screens look. There’s really a couple ways of accessing content, the first is browsing (top screens), the second is searching (bottom screens). The interface is straight forward and intuitive to use, behaving just as you’d expect.

    Just like the iPhone’s iPod application, podcasts can be played in the background while using the other features of the devices. This is in-line with Microsoft’s announcement of selective background processes. My only criticism of the UI is that it cuts off the podcast episode titles, sure this is not unlike the iPhone, but it could be solved by simply scrolling the text. Who knows it may be adjusted before the final release, which keep in mind is still between 7-9 months away.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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