Windows Phones 7 Series get slick Zune UI

    Windows Mobile 7 UI

    Microsoft have revealed Windows Phones 7 Series which contains a number of phones from a multiple manufacturers, but run a brand new interface. This group of devices run Windows Mobile 7 which as you’ll see from the screens below has drawn strongly on the popular ZuneHD user interface.

    The home page (above) is made up of a number of ‘tiles’ that contain information from data sources online. Facebook, Xbox Live for example, as well as other updates like SMS, email, and phone calls. These are customisable so your experience with the phone suits the services you use most.

    Windows Mobile 7 UI People 

    Windows Mobile 7 UI Pictures


    Naturally Microsoft have a key arm to their mobile strategy that has really been under-utilised. That is full Microsoft Office support on a mobile device. While today’s keynote was very consumer orientated, a more important play is the business market, which can also take advantage of SharePoint integrations.

    In the Q&A after the keynote, it was confirmed by Steve Ballmer that devices will not ship with Adobe Flash support “out of the gate” but added, they are not against having it on Windows Phones. With many months between now and launch, I’d expect Adobe will work with Microsoft to make this happen before launch.

    Windows Phone 7 Series devices will be out before Christmas this year.

    You can watch the full MWC Microsoft keynote video here.

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