Wodonga confirmed as Tesla Supercharger location


Tesla’s network of Superchargers is growing to include my home town, Wodonga on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. This location will be critical to creating a range achievable drive from Canberra to Melbourne, via Wodonga. Back in December we seen a dot on a map around the location of Albury/Wodonga, but turns out Wodonga is the official location.

Depending on your choice of model, the Model S can get between 450-500km, which is perfect as the combination of range and supercharger locations means you could achieve a Sydney to Melbourne drive easily, for free.

The trip from Sydney to Canberra is 289km, Canberra to Wodonga is 345km, Wodonga to Melbourne is 327km. This means with a Supercharger in the key strategic location of Wodonga, Tesla owners could take a couple of 40 minute stops to recharge (the car and person) to 80% and complete the drive. The 8 hour 43 minute journey, with an additional 80 minutes of recharging would get you there in almost exactly 10 hours.

Internationally Tesla has 495 Supercharger stations with 2,790 Superchargers, where Tesla owners can visit and recharge for free for the entire life of the vehicle. This Superchargers deliver 270 km of charge in just 30 minutes, or a full 85kWh battery recharge in 75 minutes.

We’ve reached out to Tesla to confirm the location and will update this post when the information arrives. The Wodonga Supercharger is due to come online before the end of 2015. Other locations announced include Gundagai and Goulbourn.

For those still confused about where Wodonga is, it’s the HQ of techAU, so learn it, now here’s a map.


More information at Car Advice.

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