World of Tanks 1.0 update brings HD maps, adaptive sound and an overhauled technological base

World of Tanks first arrived way back in 2010 and some 8 years later is receiving a massive update to 1.0. As part of the update, there’s new HD maps, adaptive sound and an overhauled technological base for a smoother and more visually stunning game. That’s all fine, but a more important inclusion is a piece of Australian history, being immortalised in a free-to-play title, the Australian Centurion tank is now available.

Centurions were standardised by the Australian Army between 1950 – 1970 and saw action during the Vietnam War, where its formidable firepower proved successful in reinforcing firebases in the Battle of Coral–Balmoral, during 12 May – 6 June, 1968.

The Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC launching in World of Tanks PC represents one of the modifications of the postwar British tank Centurion Mk. V. The tank will feature reinforced front armor, improved machine guns and a more powerful engine. Check out the full details of the 1.0 update in the video below and if you’re after a new adventure this weekend, be sure to try it out.

Wargaming Australia Country Manager, Travis Plane said the Centurion played a key role in Australian military history.

“The Centurion tanks were well armored, mobile and easy to maintain. No doubt there will be great anticipation amongst our tankers for the Centurion to roll out,” said Travis.

Alexander De Giorgio, World of Tanks Regional Publishing Director, says there have been an increase in the number of Australians playing World of Tanks PC since the launch of World of Tanks 1.0 in March.

“We’re not just dedicated to great gameplay, but delivering local, historically relevant content. Our player base in Australia and NZ continues to grow, especially following the launch of the local server and most recently World of Tanks 1.0. The Australian Centurion is another example of our commitment to our Aussie players,” said Alex.

The Centurion will join World of Tanks as a Tier VIII vehicle and will be ready to play from May 11. For more information on World of Tanks or the Centurion visit

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