Worms on Facebook, there goes Friday

    Worms on Facebook

    As if you didn’t already have enough distractions on Facebook, Team17 have just announced that its classic turn-based strategy game, Worms is now available to play on Facebook! Yep, there goes Friday. Naturally you can battle your Facebook friends or challenge a random opponent. Remember the classic Worms weapons on offer like the Bazooka and the Banana Bomb? Well now there’s 19 weapons to choose from.

    For those that were gaming in the 90’s this is a classic game that provided many, many hours of entertainment. Leveraging modern day social networks breathes new life into the old title. The 2 dimension, multi-layer, side scroller adds new weekly challenges, leaving you fighting for the top spot on the leaderboard.

    Some other nice features include a fight to the death death in 2 unique environments: Medieval and Hawaii. All worms aren’t made equal, so you’d better spend some time customising your worms from a choice of 40 awesome different hats. While it may not stop the enemy attack, it does add a bit of character to your worm.

    The Facebook app even allows for you to create your own island, choosing different island parts to create a unique home for your Worms. Overall it’s great to see Worms arrive on Facebook, just as long as you’re not a boss trying to get any kind of productivity from your employees. If nothing else, the sounds will bring back your smiling nostalgic side and introduce those who missed out the first time round.

    Worms on Facebook

    To play Worms now, simply visit

    Via Joystiq.

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