Xbox Australia shows off triple-screen Xbox One at EBExpo


Every racing fan’s dream is to have a serious driving simulator in their home. As part of creating that immersive experience, a triple-screen setup is ideal to have the maximum field of view. This allows you to see not only through the front windshield, but thanks to the wrap around achieved by the angled side screens, you can see out of your side windows, much like you can in a real car.

Those who’ve raced in Forza Motorsport 6 (exclusively available on Xbox One), will know how great the game looks and runs at 1080p 60Hz. It sounds weird, but the console that’s only in its second year, is already underpowered compared to modern PC rigs. Of course the Xbox has physical size and price constraints as well, but perhaps the most relevant constraint is the limitation of a single display output.

At the EB Games EBExpo, happening this weekend in Sydney, Xbox has a strong showing. Something very unique was an Xbox One running Forza 6 outputting to 3 monitors. This is where jealousy goes through the roof as the Xbox Australia team posted on Instagram, that we’ll never get to achieve this at home. This is a development unit. It does raise the question about how this is possible on a dev setup, but not the Xbox One’s we have in our house.

If we look inside the enclosure in front of the driver, you can make out 3 Xbox One consoles.. while any one of us could pony up the cash to buy one console per screen, there’s still no way for us to connect them to a single game experience. Hopefully Microsoft does enable this functionality, especially as the Xbox One specials arrive in the lead-up to Christmas. Even better would be an option to buy the 2x supplementary consoles on their own without paying for another controller to keep the costs down and potentially beat the entry price for a triple-screen PC setup.

Obviously if Microsoft was to ever officially support multiple monitors on the Xbox One, they’d also have to get game developers on-board. It is conceivable that Xbox as a platform could enable this functionality and developers would have to do little more than add a camera with the appropriate field of view. The hard job of exporting the right visuals, to the right display and keeping them in sync could be done at the OS level.

One can dream.

Sorry guys you can’t try this at home as these are dev kit Xbox Ones #xboxone #forza #ebexpo15 #ebexpo #forza6

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