Xbox @ E312 Pre-show teases what’s to come


Prior to Microsoft’s E3 2012 keynote, Microsoft have done something new this year, a 15 minute pre-show available only via the Xbox 360. Running through the history of Xbox from the moment Bill Gates initially announced Xbox, to the slim version reveal and the announcement of the Kinect.

There was also mention of a number of A-list gaming companies that will feature during today’s keynote. Unsurprisingly, Halo 4 was teased and will feature heavily during the E3 keynote.

Major Nelson (aka Larry Hryb / the Xbox guy), had the quote of the pre-show with “what are horses doing in my Call of Duty?”. Referring to the next instalment, Call of Duty Black Ops II set for release on the 13/11/12.

Stay tuned for lots more from E3 over the coming hours and days.

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