Xbox Music now available on the web, getting serious about competing


Xbox Music is taking the next step towards a grown up competitor in the subscription music space. To really be a serious competitor in 2013, you need a web version, so users can access their music from anywhere. While device support like the Xbox, PC and Windows Phone was decent, but opening up the largest digital music catalogs on the planet to anyone with an internet connection and a browser, it seems Microsoft’s entertainment and services division are serious about their offering.

The web interface is in line with the updated Music app included with Windows 8.1. If you’re not familiar with what’s on offer, with Xbox Music, here’s a quick summary.

Free music streaming
Every Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet and PC lets you stream music from one of the largest digital music catalogs on the planet….free. Listen for over 80 years and never hear the same song twice. Seriously. Try it.

Music discovery
Music should never be work. That’s why we’ve made it easy to discover new music with great features like Smart DJ, which creates custom stations based on your favorite artists.
Offline listening
Xbox Music Pass allows you to download songs to your device so that you can listen to all your favorite music whether you’re sitting in your living room or stuck on a plane.
My music
Easily manage and play all of the music from your collection right in the Xbox Music app, including songs purchased from iTunes or other services, playlists created with Xbox Music, or albums ripped from CD’s.
Cloud connected
Xbox Music is cloud connected, automatically syncing your Xbox Music Pass collection and playlists across your tablet, PC, phone, and Xbox 360.
Create and save playlists
Easily create and save playlists so you have easy access to your favorite songs. With Xbox Music Pass, your playlists follow you and stay in sync across all your devices.
Music store
The Xbox Music Store gives you 24/7 access to one of the largest music catalogs on the planet with over 18 million songs. Buy full albums or just your favorite songs.
Unlimited skipping
With an Xbox Music Pass subscription, enjoy unlimited skipping when listening to a SmartDJ radio station.

While the web version is welcome addition, It’d be great to see Microsoft offer Xbox Music apps for other platforms like Android and iOS. While that may sound crazy, remember that different teams in Microsoft are given the freedom to attract as many users as possible regardless of the platform. One of the best examples of this is the OneNote app which is available everywhere.

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