Xbox One Backwards compatibility is here


Microsoft just announced the Xbox One will get Backwards Compatibility. This allows Xbox One users to ‘insert the disc, download the game’ and run the Xbox 360.

More than 100 titles will be compatible soon, with hundreds more coming. Users will get to take advantage of the Xbox One features like taking screenshots, game clips and the ability to streaming games to Windows 10 devices after it ships.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is available today for Xbox Insiders and available this fall to the general public. Massive cheers from the audience for this long awaited feature.

Microsoft threw some shade at Sony, saying “we won’t charge you to play your old games”. This refers to the PlayStation One items in the store which do cost a few bucks.

Apparently there’s no code changes required for developers to allow backwards compatibility, but they do have to approve it, which sounds like a licencing issue. Let’s hope most get on-board with this.

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