Xbox One May update delivers Miracast support


Next month’s update to the Xbox One is an important one, it may be the biggest update in terms of functionality since the preview program was launched. The new release will feature an update to the console along with an update to the complimentary Xbox app on Windows 10.

In terms of the console update, Microsoft are addressing one of the missing pieces in their multi-screen experiences. The May update to the Xbox One will add Miracast support, which means streaming your content from a device to your TV is as easy as Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s ChromeCast. Microsoft say this works from a variety of Windows devices, Windows Phone and Android and will work great, but is restricted to streaming unprotected content. The great advantage over the other two technologies is that you get to stream your entire desktop rather than just a single video or audio stream.

This does eliminate the need for Microsoft’s own wireless display adapter that connects to a HDMI and USB port to achieve the same thing. If you have an Xbox One, this will mean you really can skip on switching inputs on your TV and just live on your Xbox, from gaming, watching TV and now streaming content.

There’s one really nice addition in response to community feedback and that’s the ability to remotely power your Xbox One on or off via Xbox One SmartGlass app.


Microsoft also released Windows 10 build 10061 today and included in the new release is an updated Xbox app. This app features the new features announced in January to manage Game DVR so taking clips and screenshots is made simple. Sharing recorded game clips to your non-xbox friends on social media, should be far easier than the current process which is a mess on the console.

There’s plenty of new settings in this release which uses the new Windows 10 controls. This gives great control over the quality settings for recordings, max recording time and more.


There’s also a Avatar Preview App which allows for customisation of your dancing idiot from your PC or tablet, those with Windows Phone will find this a very familiar experience.

If you’re part of the preview program on Xbox One, you can get the May update now, if not, just wait till May.

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