Xbox Update now available to all

    Xbox update

    Last night the Xbox 360 update was released to the public. Zune Video Marketplace and Facebook will require a quick download before use, but twitter simply requires login.

    I got to review the update over the past couple of weeks, I had thought the catalogue of videos available in the Zune Video Marketplace was going to be significantly increased upon full release of the service. Sadly this isn’t the case. Sure there’ll be movies added over time, but it’s not the knockout line-up that it really should have been.

    The Music marketplace was a surprise, something that wasn’t in the preview program. This is pretty much a joke of a service. Music videos are available in 480p, but costs Microsoft Points while the PS3 VidZone offers a much larger catalogue, friendlier interface and for free.

    The Facebook and Twitter interfaces are really held back from the lack of a browser on the 360. A large part of social networks is their ability to link friends to content. These links are un-actionable on the Xbox. At best you can favourite a tweet, then go to a mobile or desktop browser to launch the link.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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