You can finally put pictures of your food on Instagram from Windows Phone


Nokia launched a big push to Instagram earlier in the year with its #2InstaWithLove app to get the service to launch an app for the Windows Phone (only 8 at this stage) platform, which still hasn’t found any luck.

Luckily though, a third-party app Instagraph has updated its unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phone to now allow people to post photos on Instagram via their service. The wait is over!

This all comes at a couple of costs though, the first is the literal cost of $2.99 to help support the server investment to keep the service going and the second is that at first, users will only be able to post 3 pictures a day to ensure the servers don’t get overrun. That number will be increased as more servers are brought online over the next few weeks, though.

The service works by indirectly posting your photos to Instagram via their Azure servers, bypassing Instagram’s locked-down API access, which surprisingly doesn’t violate Instagram’s terms-of-service. It’s really quite a smart idea.

While there still isn’t any word on an official app coming to the platform, this still is some welcome relief for food and cat photographers. So if you’re rocking a Windows Phone 8 device and are longing for Instagram, jump on the Marketplace now and grab it.

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