You can now buy Solar Panels and Battery Storage at IKEA

    IKEA is famous for having a vast array of product for inside your home, but have now added Solar Panels and Battery Storage, as something you can buy direct from their website.

    In Victoria, you can purchase a 6.6kW SOLSTRÅLE system from A$3,227 which includes:

    • 18 x Trina Solar TSM-370DE08M(II) 370W panels 
    • Growatt MIN 5000TL-X 5kW (single phase) inverter
    • Mounting system
    • Full installation by CEC accredited installers
    • Guarantee package

    Alternatively, you can step up to a premium system which contains a battery for A$10,246. The SOLSTRÅLE with Battery package includes a custom design for your roof including:

    • 18 x Trina Solar TSM-370DE08M(II) 370W panels  
    • Growatt MIN 5000TL-XH Hybrid Dual MPPT 5kW inverter
    • Growatt 6.5kWh Lithium battery
    • Mounting system 
    • Full installation by CEC accredited installers 
    • Guarantee package 

    This pricing includes the state’s government incentives under the Solar Homes Program. This $1,888 rebate is reducing on the 1st July 2020 and you have to meet some qualification criteria to be eligible.

    Currently solar is available from IKEA in WA, QLD, VIC and accepting expressions of interest in NSW, ACT and SA and it looks like Ikea are partnering with Solar provider Solargain for the supply and installation.

    IKEA also list two SOLSTRÅLE add-ons:

    SOLSTRÅLE with Smart meter

    Adding a smart meter to your system allows consumption monitoring via online app. This can help you maximise your grid independence and provide an energy profile, which can help you make decisions on future add-ons such as battery. This solution includes a different inverter compared to SOLSTRÅLE Basic, one from Sungrow. Adding this feature will increase the price of your solution. Ask Solargain about this option during your phone quotation.

    SOLSTRÅLE with Micro inverter

    Micro inverters provide design flexibility to your system. They are useful if you have shaded areas limiting your roof space. SOLSTRÅLE includes the Enphase micro inverter. Adding this feature will increase the price of your solution. Ask Solargain about this option during your phone quotation.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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