You can rent a Tesla’s for A$300 per day with EV rental platform Evee

Evee is an electric car-sharing platform that allows owners of electric vehicles to list their vehicles for rent during the time they would otherwise be idle.

With the costs of car ownership skyrocketing, people are turning to hiring/car-sharing solutions to fulfill their transport needs, at an acceptable cost, for personal and business use. With EVs increasing in popularity, now seems like the perfect time for a service like this to arrive in Australia.

Here’s the interesting thing, the service actually launched 3 years ago back in 2016, but suffered growth issues with prohibitively high insurance premiums.

The company says it has now resolved that and no doubt further education and having a range of EVs in the Australian market is helping insurance agencies understand the different risk profile. Having now solved the puzzle of how to insure high value cars at an acceptable price, Evee is ready to expand big, reshaping the face of the Australian car rental market.

The company deals exclusively with EVs, including but not exclusive to, Tesla’s range of cars (soon to be added to with the Model 3). Evee pitches themselves as a sustainable way to reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously enjoying the thrill of the latest in automotive technology.

About now you’re wondering how the system works. Below are the fairly straight forward steps for both Vehicle owners wishing to make their vehicle available on the platform and Renters.

How-to listing your vehicle on Evee

  1. Create a personal account.
  2. Upload images of your electric vehicle (at least one image must show registration plate clearly).
  3. Briefly describe you and your car.
  4. Choose availability period.
  5. Set the price.

How-to rent and EV using Evee

  1. Renter selects date/time and sends a booking request.
  2. Owner accepts or declines the booking request.
  3. After booking is accepted, Evee captures the payment and releases contact details to both parties.
  4. Renter and owner get in touch to agree on vehicle handover and return details.

The price is actually set by the owner, so prices will vary. As an example, there is a 2016 Tesla Model S P90D available in Sydney for A$299/day. This has a limit of 250km/day or you pay $7 for every extra km. You will also need to have a $5,000 security deposit and be over 30 years of age.

While that may seem excessive, for the right occasion, maybe a wedding or birthday, you may be willing to do it and have very different driving experience. It may also help undecided owners to really drive the car before committing to purchase.

“We have worked hard to achieve a solution that works for everyone. EV owners can recoup the considerable cost of these high value vehicles when not in use. While for users it is both a transport solution for the eco-conscious, and a chance to experience the future of automotive transport now.”

Evee founder, Slava Kozlovskii.

Evee is currently operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra. Pickup is either from the owner’s home, or airport pickups can be organised for an added fee – making the transfer process as smooth as possible.

The range of options currently Tesla Model S and X, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 etc, is soon to increase with the imminent arrival of the first Tesla 3’s coming in August/September. There is no better time to join the electric revolution and connect yourself with a passionate electric vehicle community. 

Are there any fees to use the Evee website?
There is no fee to create an account and list a vehicle with Evee. We only charge per booking confirmed, which is 40% of rental revenue to account for operational costs and marketing of your car.

When will the rental fees be charged?
The full fee will be charged as soon as the owner confirms the booking. A security deposit will be pre-authorised on your card 24 hours prior the booking start. (Depending on each bank, it can take up to 10 business days for the funds to be available in your account.)

Who can drive?
You must not allow any driver to operate the vehicle who is not part of the Evee platform and whose account we have not verified. Otherwise those drivers would not be covered by the insurance. Driver’s minimum age varies depending on a vehicle type, but generally it’s 30 years of age and over for a Tesla, and 25 years of age and over for other cars.

What happens if there is an accident?
It is the renter’s responsibility to report it to the vehicle’s owner as soon as possible and record all details from other parties involved (name, driver’s license and contact details, photos of the damage etc.).

The security deposit will be captured by Evee and released only after the investigation (and if you are not found at fault). If you are found at fault, then the cost of repairs will be deducted from your account.

For more information on listing your electric vehicle or to hire one, visit Evee at and make sure you head to their FAQ section for detailed information, many of the questions you have are already answered.

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