Your chance of getting an iPhone 4S on Friday, not good.


With more than a million pre-orders worldwide and generally positive reviews being released, the iPhone 4S is in high demand. Despite a disappointing initial reaction to the details, it seems a new Apple device, is still a new Apple device and people are dead keen for it. With only two weeks since the phone’s announcement (confirmation), telco providers have had to act quick to throw together new plans. So short the timeline, it was only this week that we received confirmation of plans from Australia’s largest telco, Telstra.

So with deals announced and details revealed, all that’s left is to pick up an iPhone 4S. The device goes on sale this Friday 14th October, but what are your chances of actually securing a device at launch ? The reality is, not good.

The most dedicated Apple fan boys have already begun cueing for the phone at Apple Stores, two days early. While it may be a case of first in best dressed, the story gets worse if you don’t live near one of the 13 stores. Initial supplies of iPhone 4S will be extremely constrained, a combination of a short announcement to release timeframe and multiple country distribution to blame.

This afternoon at a regional Telstra store in Wodonga, I was told they would have ‘less than 20 devices’ available this Friday. Naturally I enquired when the cue would begin, however was informed they have already taken a list of names which numbered more than 50 and the chances of securing on that day is very slim.

Fantastic timing Telstra.. minutes after this post went up, Telstra did email pre-order information to those who registered using the iPhone 4S EOI form on their site.

Telstra Pre-order iPhone 4S

It’s disappointing that the thousands who registered using expression of interest forms on each carriers website, has no impact on your ability to get a phone. In fact those EOI forms have been a complete waste of time. After asking the collective mind of twitter, it seems that no-one has received information about the released plans or iPhone 4S availability. Admittedly, the form did say it did not secure you device, however an email with instructions on how you could would have been a good idea.

There’s going to be a lot of unhappy customers on launch day that used the EOI form the day it was posted, only to be told there’s no iPhone for them. Joining a long list and waiting weeks for supply to catch up would be enough to turn most off going through the expense and hassle of upgrading.

You should never make it hard for people to give you money.

Naturally for those that miss out, more devices will ship as manufacturing in Asia struggles to meet demand with supply. Apple had previously been selling iPads faster than they could be made, expect this to be the case for iPhone 4S as well. The wait could quickly turn from weeks to months if you don’t get in fast, so if you’ve decided you definitely want an iPhone 4S, talk your local store as soon as possible.

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