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Located in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, techAU began in March 2007. Initially the website was very simple, providing a download location for the podcast. An evolution of techAU in July seen a site redesign to include a blog, as well as a feeds page. Since then the site has grown to cover all aspects of technology with a strong consumer focus.

In 2011 a number of great writers were brought on-board to give readers even more great content. These writers are listed in a block on the right hand column.

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Jason Cartwright

Journalist / Developer

In 2006, Jason created techAU.tv (now .com.au) as a platform to cover technology news from Australia and around the globe.

Along with daily news coverage, Jason also writes extensive product reviews and covers everything from hardware, software, games and gadgets to startups and acquisitions.

Running an independent site, it allows coverage of products and services from innovative companies, changing the world for the better.