A sponsored post can be a great strategy to expose your product or service to the world. Content is typically original, written by techAU after experiencing the product or service.

    We like to keep things visual, so images and video to include in the post definitely help with engagement. Every sponsored posts goes out to through the normal channels (eg. Twitter, Facebook, etc).

    You can see examples of other sponsored posts on techAU.

    Snap up a permanent place on every post and page of the site. Footer links are sold on an annual, exclusive basis and can contain a link to your selected product/service that will help our technology-focused audience reach find you.

    You get to choose the wording on the link, and we can even include your logo - i.e. 'techAU is powered by CompanyName'.

    These will also be complemented by social media posts at the time of the ad buy, thanking the company for supporting techAU.

    We write about hundreds and review dozens of products each year. Those posts often include suggestions of where customers can purchase the product being covered. Where your business sells the product or service, we will link to your product exclusively.

    Note: In the case of reviews, we may also reference the store of product's manufacturer for the customer to get additional information.

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