techAU also developers applications and websites for commercial clients. Each project is uniquely customized to the client’s needs. A few examples of previous work is shown below. If you’d like to work together on development of projects, please get in touch at



Currently in development is a VR experience called AWVR. This lets users from around the world explore a virtual Albury Wodonga and experience major landmarks around the regional city.

The experience is being developed exclusively for the Oculus Rift and will leverage the touch controllers.

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FreeReinFree Rein Equestrian Sales

Brief: The client’s previous website was a blend of public pages in one design and a completely separate storefront. They had limited capacity to update the site and needed a comprehensive solution that included a change of their content management system as well as an ecommerce facility to assist sales of their retail outlet.

Solution: The website was moved to WordPress CMS, a customized premium theme and WooCommerce integration to power their new storefront. The website now has a fresh new, comprehensive design that provides products (opportunities to buy) from almost every page of the site. The job also included the configuration of automatic social network posts from the news section of the site which delivers the efficiency and reach the client was after.

WHCWodonga Hockey Club

Brief: The club had an aging website, build on an old platform and access to posting was restricted.

Solution: The transition to the powerful WordPress CMS with a premium, customized theme meant WHC had an opportunity to publish freely, across a number of representatives from the club. Since the new site has gone live, the club has been able to achieve an amazing 4x in funding, thanks in part to the ability to promote sponsors through the updated website.



Brief: Develop a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 application to showcase the content from the Everything From the Man website. Integration of the podcast and YouTube videos was also required.

Solution: Created a Windows 8 application, written in XAML and C#, the app leverages many of the Windows 8 contacts to enhance functionality for users.

Screenshot (3)techAU

Brief: To provide the best experience on devices, a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app was developed. This app was in the Store before the launch of Windows 8 in Australia and was seen on-screen behind Microsoft CEO Pip Marlow. The app gives users access to techAU content in a rich, touch-enabled way, not possible on the web.

Solution: The app leverages symantec zoom, the search contract, the share contract and scales to a range of display resolutions.

NewHouseNew House

Brief: Building a new house requires hundreds of decisions and to keep track of all those decisions, there’s New House. The app allows users to share prodcuts they like on the web, to the app and select the room they’d like to add it to. You can add additional rooms to match the house you’re building. Each item can contain a product image, title, description and price.

Built for Windows 8, it could be taken to the store on a tablet and add items on the go.


Brief: Leveraging the API from ABN Lookup allows users to search for a business and get relevant information. The registrant name, business type, date, ABN Number and more. This app works best in snapped mode, while working across businesses in number of apps and allows users a great copy + past experience.

Dice 3DDice 3DBreif: This game contains 3D dice that were animated to simulate real rolling of the dice. Using a randomisation algorithm, the roll of the multi-sided dice results in a different role every time. There’s a choice of dice sides, from 6, 12 or even right up to 20 sided dice.

Having the app running on a tablet as you play a board game would make for a great solution if space constrained or need to stay quiet and can’t afford the noise of a dropping physical dice.