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    Affordable colour Kobo eReaders revealed: techAU chats with Kobo CEO about this long awaited move

    Michael Tamblyn the CEO of Rakuten Kobo was visiting Sydney recently and sat down for a chat with techAU's Neerav Bhatt to chat about the company's long awaited launch of colour eReaders. Tamblyn explained that during the first few years of the Covid pandemic having a product that was instantly deliverable to the home and wasn't impacted by physical supply chains allowed Kobo to introduce...

    REVIEW: DJI Avata 2 is the closest you’ll get to actually flying. New Goggles 3 integrates video pass-through and battery pack

    DJI is famous for its high-quality, high-tech drones that offer some of the best camera technology around. Today the company has officially introduced their latest, the DJI Avata 2. The Avata 2 is the third FPV drone we've seen from DJI and the second iteration of the Avatar series, boasting some serious upgrades over its predecessor, showing DJI's relentless ambition to improve, regardless of what...

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