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    How to get SpaceX Starlink for just $1

    If you're in Australia and are unhappy with your current internet offering, then it may be worth considering the new Starlink deal. Starlink is offering a 30-day trial of the service for just A$1. As you can probably guess, there's more to the story. The $1 is an inviting number to get you started and if you don't like it, you can send it...

    AI-powered dashcam to combat driver distraction and fatigue

    Distracted driving and fatigue is a massive challenge on our roads and Teletrac Navman has announced a device to reduce the occurrences in an effort to reduce accidents and save lives. Avoiding driver distraction, cell phone usage, and drowsy driver detection is possible thanks to its AI-powered dashcam and video telematics solution, the IQ Camera, for fleet safety. AI-powered video telematics solutions leverage advanced algorithms to monitor...

    VicRoads is sending out road-user charge emails to Victorian EVtax customers

    EV owners will pay to use the roads from July 1st.

    Victoria’s ridiculous tax on Electric Vehicles has passed, starts July 1st 2021

    It's happened, the EV tax is coming July 1st for EV owners.

    Australian EV Tax is counterintuitive and counterproductive to our goal of a sustainable future

    Less than 1% of new car sales in Australia are EVs. Compared to other similarly developed economies, we don't even find ourselves in the...