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    New Tesla Optimus video shows more than a 1min of unassisted walking, on the same day Figure gets funding from Bezos, Nvidia and OpenAI

    Elon Musk has just shared a new video of Tesla's humanoid robot, Optimus, walking the factory floor. In the video, we see a very large development studio and the latest version of Optimus walking unassisted for 1 minute and 18 seconds at a very impressive speed. Unfortunately, the video quality was 224p, not exactly the quality you'd expect to show the best of what's...

    REVIEW: DJI Mic 2 Review: A content creator’s dream wireless audio solution

    DJI is best known for their drones, and more recently its sports action cameras but is quickly getting a name for itself with audio products. The second generation of their wireless microphone system, the DJI Mic 2, delivers on what a second-gen product should, a marked improvement on the first attempt, largely thanks to responses to user feedback. We first saw the Mic 2...

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