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    Hubbl: Puck specs revealed & First Look user interface photo gallery

    I attended a briefing at Foxtel's Sydney HQ today to get to see their new Hubbl combined hardware and software product, which aims to aggregate global and local TV/movie apps through one interface and ensure easy streaming, searching and watching of content on free to air catchup apps, VOD, pay TV and subscription services like Netflix. Upon launching the following global and local streaming apps will...

    Adobe just applied generative AI to music creation, this could change the game forever

    Music creation has long been done by a relatively small group of people, but with Adobe Research's Project Music GenAI, you can create impressive music tracks through text prompts. In the past 18 months, we've seen generative AI be applied to conversational chat, image generation and recently video with OpenAI's Sora showing seriously impressive results. Now it's time for the audio industry to be...

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