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    2024 Toyota bZ4X arrives in Australia, when you dive into the detail there’s some serious issues here

    Toyota has launched its bZ4X SUV in Australia. Toyota’s first electric vehicle on their dedicated e-TNGA platform, which has been designed and optimised for a new range of electric vehicles. Dedicated EV platforms always result in a better overall vehicle, avoiding the compromises made when retrofitting ICE designs. This platform from Toyota integrates the battery and motor into the vehicle’s structure, providing extra rigidity and...

    Ford smashed the lap record at Bathurst with a 1:56.3247, not in a Mustang, but an EV

    This weekend was the first round of the 2024 Supercars season and in a complete change to the calendar, they started off at Bathurst, for a 500km sprint race over 2 days. While Supercars were meant to be the main event, they were overshadowed by a car that smashed the lap record at the mountain (for a closed cabin). The best lap ever completed...

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