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    I just bought a Heat Pump Dryer, the future of efficient laundry

    This weekend I bought a new LG 9KG Heat Pump Dryer (DVH909B). Washing and ultimately drying clothes is chore that not many of us enjoy, but regardless of how boring a process is, no new appliance in our home escapes an evaluation phase where we consider what the latest technology is before making a purchase. I'm someone who loves technology and efficiency, so...

    My thoughts after using Hubbl for 3 months

    It's now been more than 3 months since I first got hands-on with and reviewed Hubbl. For those not familiar with Hubbl, it's one of Australia's newest services that combines a hardware and software experience. Hubbl is offered in 2 hardware options, the first, being Hubbl Glass, a TV that comes in 55" or 65" sizes and a range of colours, along with a...

    The best podcasting app, Pocketcasts, is now free

    PocketCasts has been my podcasting app of choice for years now, so the announcement its now free is great right? Paired with the relase...