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    ASUS unveils Vivobook S 15, its first Copilot+ PC, available to pre-order today

    This week Microsoft has made some major announcements regarding the future of Windows hardware. ASUS, in collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm, has today announced its first foray into the next generation of AI-powered computing with the sleek Vivobook S 15, available for pre-order today at ASUS E-shop and leading retailers. Powered by the Snapdragon X Elite platform, the sleek device offers Windows AI features and a collection of exclusive...

    SONOS take their audio to your ears as they enter the headphones market with SONOS ACE

    It's official: Sonos, the audio masters behind those sleek soundbars and speakers, have finally released their first-ever pair of headphones, the Sonos Ace. If you're a fan of Sonos' signature sound quality, you'll be thrilled to know they're bringing that same high-fidelity experience to your personal listening. But that's not all. The Ace is packed with tech designed to make your music, movies, and...

    RHD Model 3s spotted in Shanghai, destined for Australia?

    Are Australian Model3s about to come from China?

    Canada and Norway to get Tesla’s FSD beta next, Musk should consider RHD markets

    FSD beta was released last month to a very small group of early access users in the US. Since then we've seen two updates,...