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    REVIEW: Netgear RS700 WiFi 7 Router is ready for the future of multi-gig internet, but you’ll pay for that

    Home internet is evolving fast, powered by dramatically faster internet connections, the limiting factor is often no longer the cable coming into your hour, but rather the router you use to connect your devices to the internet. If you're on the NBN, many Australian homes are connected to fibre-to-the-premesis (FTTP), or at least fibre-to-the-curb, alternatively, you may have a connection coming from something like...

    REVIEW: DJI Power 500 Review, portable power for your drones, phones and everything else

    There's a wide range of use cases for portable power, as so much of our lives rely on it. The portable battery storage industry is really gaining momentum, with the most recent entrant being DJI. On the surface, portable batteries may be a strange fit in the product portfolio of a drone maker, but when we look a little deeper, it makes a lot...

    Baidu is building Level 4 autonomous robotaxis called ‘Apollo Moon’ in China

    Baidu building 1,000 level 4 autonomous robotaxis

    Tesla is replacing Radar with Computer Vision in FSD Beta V9.0

    Tesla's Computer Vision is now eating the hardware stack too.

    Germany creating laws to allow Level 4 self-driving cars on roads, will be first in the world

    Self driving cars are coming, its time we get ready for them.

    XPeng will share autonomous driving upgrade details for P7 on Jan 26th

    Xpeng has an OTA upgrade coming that's worth paying attention to.

    Canada and Norway to get Tesla’s FSD beta next, Musk should consider RHD markets

    FSD beta was released last month to a very small group of early access users in the US. Since then we've seen two updates,...

    How much would you pay for Tesla’s FSD subscription?

    This week Elon Musk confirmed that Full Self Driving would be available as a subscription, which adds to the current outright purchase option. The...