2017 Ford Mustangs comes with Sync 3, Android Auto and CarPlay


    The Ford Mustang has become an instant sales hit in Australia and in the worldwide arm wrestle to get the next one off the production line, there’s good news for Australians who want their next car to be a Musang. There are 2,000 extra Mustangs are now bound for Australia and due to arrive towards the end of 2016.

    ‘The 2000 extra Mustangs heading for Australian shores demonstrates the excitement around the vehicle, and it validates Ford Australia’s commitment to invest in expanding our performance vehicle line-up to five models this year,’ says Graeme Whickman, President and CEO, Ford of Australia.

    The success of Mustang coincides with a strong start to the year for Ford Australia, with sales up 17.2% on the same time last year. This is kind of astonishing given the negative PR around ending production in 2017. The company believes that some of that good PR from the halo product (the Mustang) has flowed into other segments. 

    The 2017MY Mustang Loaded with SYNC 3 Technology In June, 2016, production of Mustang will roll over to 2017MY. Along with the new Model Year there will be some exciting product changes.

    Both 2017MY Mustang EcoBoost and GT models will be loaded with SYNC 3, which features Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Ford Applink 3.0. This is something I complained about in my Mustang review, so its great to see Ford respond and make moves and commit to deliver SYNC 3. It is not yet confirmed if existing owners will recieve an upgrade from SYNC2 to SYNC 3 once it ships to Australia.

    All Mustang vehicles built from June, 2016, will come standard with SYNC 3, and EcoBoost models will come with a spare wheel. If that wasn’t enough, there will not be any pricing difference for this product change, which represents a value add for customers.


    We know the majority of Mustangs purchased are the big 5.0L V8 we reviewed last month, but of those who buy convertibles, 40% sold in February came with an EcoBoost under the hood.

    We’re really used to phones being released in new colours post-launch, but its pretty rare in cars. The 2017 EcoBoost and GT Mustangs will be available in three stunning new colours set to turn all other drivers green with envy; Lightning Blue (Prestige), Grabber Blue and White Platinum Tri-Coat (Prestige). With the introduction of these new colours, some colours available on 2016 Mustangs will be retired, including Deep Impact Blue (Prestige), Competition Orange (Prestige), Guard (Prestige). Race Red remains the most popular seller.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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