4 essential types of software every business needs

    Running a business is always a difficult task, especially when it comes to logistics. Business logistics is needed in every company as it plays a crucial role in increasing efficiency, determining how to lower costs, as well as allowing you to better control your inventory. This being said, business owners always value logistics by incorporating useful software tools.

    Additionally, software tools are really important for a startup since managing different aspects of business, like accounting and managing emails, is less specialized compared to larger corporations. Also, since you’re still a startup, you may not yet afford to hire the right employees to do a certain job. Fortunately, there’s plenty of software tools that you can incorporate to ensure your business will still thrive despite being short on manpower.

    Thus, regardless of the industry you’re in or whether your business is still starting or already a large corporation, here are some essential types of software your business should have:

    Sales forecasting

    It’s evident that sales are the lifeblood of any business. For one, it allows business owners to maintain their employees’ salaries, cover any operating costs, stock up on the inventory, as well as update existing products/services. Because of this, it’s important that you have a clear grasp of your sales. Conveniently, you can achieve this with the best forecasting software the market has to offer.

    A sales forecasting software may allow you to have an accurate sales forecast. This, in turn, would allow you to plan for your business’s future. For instance, if your forecast determines that you’re making 30% of your annual sales during December, then even as early as September, you should already be manufacturing your products to keep up with the demand.

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    Accounting software

    The accounting aspect of any business is always a quagmire. This is because accounting, too, plays an important role in every business, but the paperwork associated with it can be too complicated. Fortunately, there is plenty of accounting software and even web accounting platforms that’ll help you or your accounting team to simplify the process, such as giving you a convenient way to record payments, invoices, and many more.

    Additionally, good accounting software would also provide sales analytics. You can then collaborate with different teams on how to boost your sales even further.

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    Email management

    If you have an online business or you have a digital presence, then you probably know that emailing is one of the best ways to communicate with clients. However, this also means that if you fail to open and respond to your client’s emails, then it may spell the demise for your business; most clients want answers to their inquiry as soon as possible, hence if they don’t receive a reply within a day or two, they may already lose interest in your offerings.

    It’s true that replying to emails can be a tedious task, especially if you have more than a hundred unopened emails a day. However, this task is made easier with email management software. An email management software allows you to organize your email.

    For instance, the software can automatically tag an email and then prioritize it if the sender doesn’t reply for a day or two. You can then follow up with the sender. This way, your chances of losing a potential customer have lessened. Additionally, you can set the software to prioritize those that are already aging; hence your turnaround time would improve, ensuring that you’ll always have great customer service.

    Internal communications

    Internal communications are the heartbeat in any business, especially if you have remote works or a complete remote setting. This implies that having a centralized place where employees from all over the globe can chat at any time is crucial.

    Fortunately, this is achieved by the fact that there are already plenty of internal communications solutions available. This type of software enables a seamless interaction among all employees working for your business. Thus, employees and business owners like you can talk about general or business-related topics, boosting relations, which, in turn, also boosts morale.

    Additionally, there’s also communication software that can integrate other business software solutions. This means that, in addition to communication, you may also see what team members are currently working on; thus, you can carefully monitor each team member, which may boost their productivity.

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    Final thoughts

    If you’re a startup company, then the software mentioned above is really beneficial for you. But this doesn’t mean to say that large companies can no longer benefit from this software. In fact, these software tools may be the reason why they’re labelled as ‘large companies‘ in the first place.

    Thus, if your business still lacks some or all of these software tools, it’s high time to find one that suits your budget and needs.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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