Review: 7ven Messenger Bag, one bag to rule them all ?


    In 2016 our lives are full of technology and gadgets, but we don’t really give a lot of thought to how we transport them. There’s a new messenger bag that’s designed for modern living and pays diligent attention to design that accommodates our growing list of devices.

    While the bag comes with about a million pockets that’ll happily take your phone, camera, extra lenses, laptop, chargers and plenty more, its the way it goes about this storage that really sets it apart. It really feels like the guys at Alpaka Gear made a bag that understands the way we store and importantly access our gadgets multiple times in a day. This means you’ll find magnetically secure, quick release buckles to ensure you can pop the clasp to the side, grab whatever you need, snap it back together and be on your way.


    The bag is also a transformer in the way that works for multiple use cases. The messenger bag fits nicely over your shoulder, can be carried by the top handle, or even securely slides on to the handle of a suitcase. This makes it a great option for the overnight businessman or woman, the everyday commute to the office or even during the work day to carry the equipment for your job from site to site. A really nice design touch is the decision to make it a triangle structure, which provides a flat bottom to the bag, making it stand up, rather than falling over like your lame bag.

    Admittedly, the flat bottom means its not as slim as a standard messenger bag, but if you’re like me, often you need to carry your laptop plus a bunch of other items. As someone who’s tried to stash a DSLR into a regular messenger bag, I’m here to tell you, that’s not fun. For those who need to carry more occasionally or regularly, then the 7ven is a great solution.


    As you use the bag for some time, there’s an element of discovery about it, you continue to find extra elements to it. There’s some great decisions the creators have made, like the inclusion of a reflective strip at the bottom so if you’re wearing it while riding a bike, you’ll be easily seen by drivers.

    I particularly like the transformer nature to this bag, with the ability to remove the extra padding on the shoulder strap or to simply tuck the strap inside and use it more like a briefcase.


    The 7ven bag is now now live on kickstarter, at the time of writing, its only been live for a few hours and is already going strong with around half the goal met already. For more information you can head to their site –


    Update 2
    Here’s a quick video to show much you can store (actually you could fit plenty more) in the 7ven messenger bag.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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