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    If your interested in finding out about ADSL 2+ availability in your area, then you should check out ADSL2exchanges. Simply enter in your address and phone number on the detailed summary page and it’ll tell you where the closest exchange is. Information is overlaid on a google map and a path drawn between your address and the exchange, stats include the distance you are from the exchange and the maximum speed you should expect.

    Also provided is information about RIM systems, if your street is NOT marked by a purple dot, then your phone line should support ADSL2+ when the exchange enables it. Unfortunately I found out my street is listed as being on a RIM, so ADSL 2+ doesn’t look likely, unfortunately I’m also reasonable distance from the exchange. 8Mb may be the best connection I can get here.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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    1. +1 …. since google expired the old maps API, heaps of unmaintained sites like this no longer function. anyone have contact details for the person who is running this?

      keep in mind that the last exchange updates were done to this site over a year ago.

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