Amazon Kindle comes to Australia October 19, no DX.

    Well clearly Amazon reads techAU 🙂 The Kindle DX is indeed getting the international treatment. You will have to wait to 2010 though. More @ TechFlash

    Amazon Kindle Australia

    Amazon’s Kindle is an E-book reader that has been a US exclusive for the past couple of years. That’s all about to change, Amazon have announced world-wide distribution of the Kindle, shipping to more than 100 countries on October 19. The good news for Australian’s is we’re one of those countries.

    Surprisingly Amazon say the Kindle is their #1 bestselling product. One of the reasons it’s been so popular is it’s ability to download content wirelessly anywhere you go over the 3G mobile network. Wi-fi works as well, but that’s not always available. What’s not in today’s press release is which telco will be partnering with Amazon to provide the over-the-air downloads or ‘Whispersync’ as they call it and if it’ll come free or have download caps.

    Also missing is Australian-specific pricing. The Kindle costs US$279, with a good exchange rate, that should land around A$330-$350, but could be as high as $400. At that price its not for everyone, but serious book readers/travellers are likely to be drawn to the device.

    Amazon Kindle Australia

    Amazon Kindle specs

    • 0.91mm thick
    • 6-inch (15.24cm) e-ink display
    • 2GB internal storage (around 1,500 books)
    • Text-To-Speech
    • Word, PDF support
    • Wireless syncing via Whispersync
    • Bookmark sync, Notes, highlights
    • iPhone application available.

    The other problem is that it looks like it’s only the first version of the Kindle that’s going international at this point. The larger 9.7” Kindle DX is still going to be US only.


    Also Amazon, you might want to buy out the squatter at

    More @ Amazon

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