Animoto comes to the iPhone

    Animoto iPhone Apps Animoto iPhone Apps Animoto iPhone Apps

    One of my personal favorite tools online is Animoto. It lets you combine a series of images with music and create a video with professional grade effects.

    The Animoto iPhone App lets you select form any of the pictures on your iPhone and upload them. After previewing and selecting from a growing range of music, it’s then up to Animoto servers to get creative and crunch the data. Checking back after a few minutes and you’ve got yourself an impressive video.

    Animoto iPhone Apps

    To playback the videos you’ll need a Wi-fi or 3G connection and you may need to let it buffer. The final piece of the puzzle would be the ability to save your videos to the phone, unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow this functionality through the SDK.

    This is definitely one to check out. Take a look at the sample video if you need more convincing.

    The more I use this iPhone app, the more I like it. Because the processing is done server-side this means the end product resides on Animoto servers. This makes the process of sharing your video with friends so much easier. Simply use the in-built Share button, enter a friends email address and a link to the video will be sent to them, very slick indeed. 

    More @ Animoto

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