Apple confirm September 10th for iPhone 5S


    It’s on. Apple have confirmed the rumored September 10th date for the next iPhone launch. At the event the iPhone 5S and new cheaper iPhone 5C models are expected to be unveiled. Interestingly the event will be held at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino, rather than the Moscone Centre in San Francisco.

    Of course with new phones, comes the latest software, iOS7 which has been in developer’s hands for months. Through a series of beta releases, iOS7 is now stable and the UI overhaul is now ready for prime time. It’s a bold shift in design and caused a lot of controversy when revealed and is certain to do so again when it hits devices.

    The colourful OS isn’t the on piece of colour we’re likely to see at the event. The iPhone 5C is expected in a new Champagne gold, while the iPhone 5C is expected in Red, Green, Yellow, White and Blue. This will be a significant shift away from Apple’s simplistic white and black offerings.


    The event will take place on Sept 10th at 10AM PT.

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